Official swap method didnt work (again)

Did this swap transaction about an hour + ago. How long is it meant to take? Last 2 times i waited over 24hours and i posted here for support to resolve. And all they did was resolved it and provide no hints or tips of what went wrong or what i could do in future.

Please also explain to me is this meant to be an automatic process or is support need to be involved each time?

Here are the details for this latest swap failure.

Please note i I made the tx on my own linux wallets using the --remote flag.
amount “1” sent to dERoVUQjwDdEsFGwF4YdYAhmgv1nNXRkgZkbtTeitsgxNrKw6tbUF3pAPRuNw4AMCcTKXow2HmAfM4Km3Qo7R9jJ7SA3W7eDK3
atlantis tx id

amount “0.00001” ringsize 2 sent to dero1qy867gnj0snrcrtwxgqchmn84t8d4cnzcnhdd4xh6qnhx70j4uhf5qgrmcvgg
tx id
comment field

Looking forward to a response of questions and resolution of swap.

Thanks bros

edit: pasted wront tx. fixed.
edit: updated with comment sent in stargate tx.

Wait 48 hrs atleast.

Thanks for answering my question that i asked in the previous thread…
48 hours wait. cool. Please update the docs if you dont want people to panic as you say. Ill be back to report how it went. Thanks!

Looking forward to get the answers to the questions iv raised in this thread in my next thread i open. SO exciting.

Swap funds are in stargate. Took approx 7000 blocks.