Out of the sudden hundreds of rejected shares @ pool.dero.io


I just came across hundreds of rejected shares while trying to mine @ pool.dero.io
so I had to stop mining with my 2 rigs.
Both rigs are placed at different locations and using their own internet connection, so I doubt the problem is on my end.

The last few days the pools web-frontend was very unresponsive too, I don’t know if these issues are linked together? They propably are…


There have been repeated problems with the official pool. Hope the operators will fix it soon!

Lots of shares are rejected if they are not valid. It would be helpful to dig more if you mention your miner program perhaps someone expert from community may help more.

Also pool hardware is upgraded though pool-web may lag but pool mining/payments are perfect.

Oh wow, I’m genuinely really sorry for missing this one.

I don’t know how it got passed me but if you reach out to me I can help you resolve this.

Can you tell me which port you’re running on, the share times you’re seeing, how stable are your rigs, and do you use a program that switches to other pools frequently (dev pools, most profitable pools, etc)?

Thank you for the answers.

It seems that everything is operating normal again, I haven’t encountered the problem ever since.

The used miner is xmr-staks latest release in both rigs.
The used ports were 5555 (+4444 as “emergency port”).
No auto-switch programs were used.

btw my rigs are running for a half year, they are very stable by now. Very seldom that you see some hiccups.