Partnerships with good projects

I have pitched this idea to another project before, but I doubt they gave it a second glance. I would appreciate people commenting on this idea.

With the crypto crowd, partnerships are mostly about drawing people and pumping the price. But legit partnerships that benefit both the companies is not seen much. Only some of the teams genuinely care about the product they are building more than the price of the token or approval from the impatient moon crowd.

The cooperation between two teams, two projects is more powerful than people think. It gives fresh eyes from another developer point of view, from the other project and how they can collaborate or improve the use cases for the coin. Imagine a world where Apple, Microsoft, Google and Amazon work together instead of competing one another, we could’ve seen a lot more innovation than we currently see from them. I believe crypto can be a start for something like that. It’s not always about the money. Though I’m one of those people who would be happy to see gains from a coin and cash out. This idea of mine defeats that. I want to see a super power, a team of teams working together solving problems, helping the world. If not DERO, I would someday do that myself.

Partnering with a company listed on CMC is easier and the teams are forthcoming than the companies listed on NASDAQ. So, we can start there.

Things to do:

  1. Start from the top coin listed on CMC, research the project in detail.
  2. Check the coin/token has a use case that can benefit from DERO or DERO can benefit.
  3. Check if the team and talk to them.
  4. Pitch your plan for partnership to the team detailing what can be done.


  1. Experienced developers and teams with vision under one roof.
  2. Increased user base.
  3. People are more inclined to invest in a company with good valued partnerships.
  4. ‘Super group’ - first of its kind. New innovative ideas.


  1. Some compromises may be needed.
  2. Some teams would want to partner only when the developers show their face.
  3. Every team has an ego that they need to be the one calling shots instead of working together.

This is not an easy thing to achieve. Any comments?

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Partnerships focused on real creation and exchange of value are always a good idea. And I think there are a lot of projects with anon teams so this shouldn’t have to be a big problem.

Let’s collect some ideas here on how those partnerships could be like, what they include, what target projects could be like (since DERO is pretty much focused on cutting-edge tech we should look for other innovators for example), etc.

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True. When i was talking about anon developers, I was only talking about only a few other projects who wouldn’t be so happy.

And about your other response. As I said, we have to research other projects one by one and how they can integrate with DERO. Target projects can be anything.

We need to research non-coin projects, seek synergy and pitch. DEX devs, game devs (use dero as payment system), social media sites, marketplace devs, website devs (payments for content, adult and non-adult), voting app devs, etc.

Yeah I think that should also be a part of it. But I was talking about coins because currently they are the easiest to approach and talk to.

For marketing, it would be nice to announce that we are looking for a partnership with Dogecoin … Turtlecoin … etc. and are ready for cooperation. You can make the list of the most famous coins and wait for the answer. This will draw attention to DERO

Dero is ready to accept any threats and opportunities - just offer

Haha. We are not looking for a price increase, but for teams to work together on something valuable.