Please Help This Crypto Noob :)

Very new to the crypto scene so please forgive my beginner questions/problems!

I would like to download a wallet that sits in my MacBook (2017) hard drive rather than the web wallet I am currently using.

Every time I click on the apple icon on the Dero website it takes me to a forum which offers me a load of downloads but none seem to have an application I can use/download.

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Darwin is the build you’re looking for.

CLI: Releases · deroproject/derosuite · GitHub
GUI; Releases - CMD - DeroProject: Most private and secure blockchain

Thank you for responding nelbert,

I do still have the same problem though - the link you sent me downloads a type of file that my computer won’t allow me to open (exec). ive uploaded the screenshot below.

If you have the time, please let me know how to work around this - in a step by step, layman style way!

Many thanks again mate :slight_smile: