Progress in Dero

Hi everybody!

I’m quite new to mining (been mining for a month and a half).
I started mining Dero 2 weeks ago, and have only been lurking around the forum, trying to solve problems. And
I had all sorts of problems, like wallet not syncing and such (actually the first dero wallet i had never fully synced, so I have given up on those coins I guess).
But after the last update, everyting is running smoothly.
After just lurking around this forum, (unti now) and reading many of the topics, I would like to give a big hand to the staff working with Dero, for fast replies, and trying to solve problems when they come :smiley:

Keep up the good work



Hi eirikbro,

Thank you on behalf of the Dero team as well!

Feel free to message me any time :slight_smile:


(You’re welcome to join us on any of our platforms if you’d like)


This is one of my favorite projects! So happy they are writing it in Golang!