Progress update - March.09 / 2018

Progress update March.09/2018

Hello everyone,

For those of you who may not know me, I’m very fortunate to be the community manager for the Dero Project. This is a progress update dated March.09/2018.

The Dero Project started a few months ago, well before I was here, with the ambitious goal of creating an entirely new blockchain technology based on the CryptoNote protocol written in golang (Go). I’m proud to have the honor of announcing that the Dero development team has moved from the writing phase to the private alpha testing phase. As some of you may already know, there has been a version of the new technology based on the CryptoNote protocol available for pre-alpha testing with limited functionality. We’re now initiating the transition on our end that will complete in 3-4 weeks (on time) and end with a publicly available beta version of the CryptoNote protocol written in golang. We anticipate nearly all features of the CryptoNote protcol to be openly available with any remaining functionality to follow in a brief period of time afterwards.

With Q1 coming to a very positive end for the Dero team, I would like to briefly look forward at some of the goals the team has laid out for themselves in Q2 2018. The following are all pulled directly off the roadmap: GUI wallets,Subaddress support,Atomic swap,Smart contracts testing.

We’ve been asked many times about GUI wallets, smart contracts, and probably every feature that the team has announced in the whitepaper ( What I can tell you at this time is the team has been focused on meeting the goals that were directly in front of them. Now that we have a working implementation of the new blockchain technology there is a codebase to build a GUI wallet and other features off of. The GUI wallet is relatively easy compared with the core development and should not take long when the team is able to dedicate some time to it. Regarding other features mentioned in Q2 (including smart contracts), it’s too early to discuss any specific details as we’re not into Q2 but the planning phase has concluded with a well defined development path laid out.

We’ve been asked a lot about new exchange listings, often over a dozen times a day and we completely respect where your questions are coming from. With that being said, now may be the appropriate time to say that while we’ve been accepted on a new exchange, SouthXchange, and confirmed our listing, we realized during our inquiries that if Dero simply continues to meet its goals we have a warm welcome waiting at more than one reputable exchange.


Warm regards,
Serena - Dero community manager

(Article - What is golang: