Progress update March.6


Hello everyone,


For those of you who may not know me, I’m very fortunate to be the community manager for the Dero Project. This is a general update to let everyone know what’s going on since we know not everyone has time to follow every post, join us in Slack, and so on (though we encourage you if you’re interested).


*The recent fork issue is resolved to the point where we’re encouraging all pool operators to go online. Individuals are no longer required to start their daemon using extra nodes and you may start by simply using derod again. There will be some continuing work to improve stability but the root cause has been discovered and fixed in both codebases.


*We have been accepted to SouthXchange, paid the listing fee, confirmed all of the details and are waiting to be listed now (several days have elapsed already :slight_smile: ).


*The official pool is already in the process of undergoing a substantial hardware upgrade that will be accompanied by a software upgrade to preempt future requirements.


*The block explorer has been shifted to golang and will still require a few tweaks but is otherwise live and operational.


*The roadmap is still on track, including the Q1 roadmap with any recent hiccups seen in the network.


*There are several well known pools coming online to help provide exposure and further decentralize the network over the next 2 weeks.