Proposals accepted?

Hi guys.
Congratz on the project, i know the state is early but it´s looking very promising.
I was just wondering if you would considere accepting [proposals] in exchange of DERO?.
This is a common practice in the ZenCash community and it went pretty well for that projects to improve marketing, functionality, and new features or applications running on top of the network.[Pro]

please submit your proposal and lets along with community decides best.
DERO is completely new blockchain and it will be evolved on basis of community directions and requirements.
Submit your ideas, proposals in appropriate categories like marketing, technical etc.
Proposals Category:


I accidentally started a little project without asking for approval. I didnt realize there was a formal system in place. I do not want any compensation, Dero or anything, just to learn and enjoy my little project and follow my heart in hopes that perhaps it benefits someone as well.

Can you direct me to the appropriate steps and channels to make sure its ok to move forward with my project? I apologize, we already started.

Warmly, Respectfully and very stoked,


DERO is decentralized , completely permission-less blockchain.
Feel free to develop anything.