Proposals to increase miners and use of DERO as common currency


I’ve been mining and trading coins for over a year now and looking back at what made me not only mine but trade and purchase some coins over others:

  • Solid roadmap showing not only technology improvements but marketing plans and canvassed corporations and proposed business partnerships.

  • A GUI wallet, yes I know there are 3rd party ones out there but downloading a wallet that is either endorsed or developed by the coin maintainers instills my confidence that my mined, traded and purchased coin will remain in my wallet and that it is in the best interest of the coin maintainers to keep the wallet up to date and patched. I would put this as one of the higher priorities as new users to mining really appreciate the one stop shop (go to coin site, get wallet, install wallet, download recommended miners, look up a list of suggested pools to mine the coin and of course a list of exchanges that support the coin)

  • Consider creating payment plugin for popular open sourced CMS like Joomla, VirtueMart and WordPress to increase potential adoption of your coin as a working currency to be used for purchase of goods and services. Had you a plugin for Joomla, I have and existing site to be launched in two months I would add this coin as a method of payment!.

  • Show more practical uses of the coin in your website specifically throughout your roadmap. It’s great to see it is an experiment but showing real world applications for the coin ("We are creating partnership with interac machines so you can pay in stores with our coin…)

Your coin shows promise and my mining friends and I have dedicated some computing power to mining your coin…let’s see where your roadmap takes us!


Hello gettingrich,

I will take some time to expand on your post a little later in the evening. There is an updated version of the draft whitepaper going up.

For now I’ve expanded on some of the team’s goals here:


(I’ll give your post a proper reply shortly)


Looking forward to your reply. I can expand a bit on the points that I posted in the morning if you wish.


I’m always up for a good conversation :slightly_smiling_face: feel free to expand on them as you’d like!


In regards to the roadmap ours does point out our technological goals. As far as marketing goes, we’re still developing the product but when the time comes we will certainly roll out an appropriate marketing campaign.

As far as a GUI wallet goes, our developers have written a new blockchain technology fresh from nothing so while we’re close to adding a GUI wallet, please try to understand that it’s a Q2 roadmap goal and we’re only through 2 days of Q2. We can appreciate how important this is though and we are absolutely looking at it as a priority.

We can consider this but Dero is much more than just a cryptocurrency. Please see here:

We’re not opposed to adding more to the roadmap necessarily, but, the actual use cases for Dero could fill dozens of books just to start.