Question about Dero Turing completeness smart contract

This the quote from Gregory Maxwell from 2016:
“All of these radical improvements in scalablity, privacy, and flexibility show up when you realize that “turing complete” is the wrong tool, that what our systems do is verification, not computation. This cognitive error confers no advantage, outside of marketing to people with a fuzzy idea of what smart contracts might be good for in the first place.”

As Dero BASIC lang private smart contract coming out, I want to know from Dero team’s perspective what’s your thoughts about Gregory Maxwell description? Is turing complete smart contract is the wrong tool? What do you think smart contract is and what is it going to be and what kind (or level) of smart contract is Dero going to implement (comparing to ETH for example)?

Thanks, very appreciate for your thoughts.

Join the testnet in coming days and find yourself.