Redplaza Marketplace

As announced in Redshift, here is my proposal for a decentralized marketplace that runs on Dero.
You can see the proposal ( file) and some of the code that has been written here:
It is still in the early phase of development, and that’s why all of you community members can give feedback and help make it better. Thanks.


@Peppinux , Redplaza marketplace is very good concept.
Feel free to contact for any support etc.


@Support , Thank you Capt, I really appreciate it.

I’d like to have some feedback about one feature of the marketplace:
As explained in the proposal, products can be stored on-chain and off-chain.

  • Storing them on-chain has the downside of costing gas and bloating the chain.
  • Storing them off-chain has the downside of relying on a third party, whether it is IPFS or a centralized server that stores the JSON data. This gives away some of the anonymity, since users fetching the list of off-chain products could be tracked, as the action would happen outside of the DERO NW. That wouldn’t be too big of a deal since VPNs exist and reading a list of products is not equal to buying them, but still.

What do you think about this?
Should I get rid of the on-chain inventory to prevent bloating?
Or instead, should I get rid of the off-chain inventory to prevent tracking?
Or am I good leaving them both as they are now and letting the users decide what’s best for them?

I’m asking Capt but, of course, input from everybody is appreciated. Thanks.

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Storing on chain has costs and bloat issues. Better to store small size items like licenses/keys, urls, en/decryption-keys, contact info etc. on chain. For bigger sizes items better to use third party protocols/servers.

So better to have both options and let the users decides.