Return of coins from Kucoin deposit issues possible?

Hello everyone, thank you in advance for any help.

I sent a crypto deposit of dero to kucoin account and they gave me a dstport to use which in input into the service port field rather than the memo field. I contacted their support and they are telling me they cannot return the funds. Is this true or are they just don’t feel like it? They are suggesting this instead:

"Your DERO deposit can’t be credited to your KuCoin account since you did not fill out the correct Dstport (Which you can find from the deposit page). Sorry to inform you, it cannot be returned.

However, considering your situation, we are thriving to offer you a most effective solution to retrieve your funds, please provide the following information then we can help you credit it to your KuCoin account:

1. Please note that it is necessary to provide an authentic act from a third party in your area (including but not limited to the notary, police station, court, prosecutor’s office), which shall state this transaction/assets belongs to xxxxx (KuCoin account), and the authentic act must be a formal one with the official seal.

On this basis, you are willing to take all the corresponding legal responsibilities.

2. Please provide a screenshot of your KuCoin DERO deposit address and Dstport, and please copy the Dstport and paste it in this email.

3. Please complete your KYC verification.

4. Please provide a video of you logging into the sending platform and locating the DERO transaction, meanwhile, your face also needs to be shown in the video.

5. Please kindly note that the process may contain significant resource consumption as well as time and risk cost, thus we will require a certain processing fee.
(For the specific fee amount, you may refer to the information displayed on the payment request at that time.)

Please read the above statement carefully and reply to the email if you agree to apply for the recovery service.

The payment request will be sent after we receive feedback from you , and the issue will be handled within 5 business days after you paid the processing fee.

To avoid any losses, please enter the correct memo/tag/payment id/message when depositing into KuCoin.

If the Dstport is not required at the sending platform while you want to withdraw, you may advise the sending platform to add the Dstport function for this token."

Is it possible to return this transaction or is it actually gone? It was not a small amount, which I normally do first to test but this time was in too much of a rush to test first. Stupid mistake…

Uhh, this is bad. I saw a response like this from another exchange. Anyway…
So you entered the DST port value into the comment field?
What wallet did you use?
You could try to send the “proof” and “txid” to KuCoin.
All data is listed on the tx history.
Or record a video of how you obtain these data from the tx history.

The “proof” reveals amount and RPC data (comment, dst port, …) of the transaction.

I entered the dstport into the service port field and left the message empty.
Engram wallet. I sent all the info to kucoin and they just don’t want to lift a finger for any reason…