Some critics on official website

First of all,
"DERO is a new, experimental blockchain technology written in …"
I suggest to remove the word “experimental”, just say “DERO is a new blockchain technology…”, because experimental means that you are not sure if it works or not.

Second, my humble opinion is that the website is very beautiful but too heavy and useless. It looks like your goal is just attract people. Why do you present this heavy animation ? Dero is a tool for creating animations ? The following diagram with the lock and rotating circles is not clear. I can not understand from it how Dero works. The website should provide (not immediately, but in future):

  1. All actual soft for downloading with user-friendly interface. Not just a link to github, because github is more for developers.
  2. The link to forum should be more easy to find.
  3. All the current news about the project.
  4. To have all possible statistics about the Dero blockchain will be nice.
  5. The official web wallet.
  6. The most important : the guide for your customers, how to use Dero smarts contracts. Because, as far as I understand, this is the most important part of the project.

Sorry for the critics, but I wish the Dero project only success and will stay with you in any case.


Hello Mik,

Thank you for the feedback and I will do my best to reply to your suggestions in order. In the last few days Dero has moved from “experimental” to the end of the closed alpha phase of testing. In the next 2.5 - 3 weeks, at the end of Q1, the public should get to start transitiong to the full beta version. The entire network should see a fairly smooth transition and we will let everyone know when it’s time to update to Dero’s new blockchain that is based on the old CryptoNote protocol.

The website is still in development, as is the “brand”. You may notice for example, in some areas that we’ve used 2 different fonts where normally these would be standardized for the brand. Part of the goal with the website is to be attractive to new users and to show (when complete) that Dero takes all areas of its project seriously. As the team moves through its list of goals things like the website move closer to the top of the list.

Reducing resource utilization is one of the topics that has been discussed already and will be reviewed when the time to work on the website arrives.

  1. We agree and this is a priority when everything is developed. Given that the code needed to be newly written it would be impossible to add GUI or otherwise user-friendly interfaces without the appropriate (or any) code to support it. Now that the code is developed, these types of things are now much closer to fruition. I will make sure that there are direct links to the download so that people do not need to look at the github releases page.

  2. Fair enough we can definitely work on that, thank you for the feedback we definitely appreciate it.

  3. This is on the to-do list already for the web developers.

  4. I’ve added this to my list of things to follow up on when the website development continues.

  5. There is no official web wallet, GUI wallet, just the cli wallet but this type of thing is already planned and in the roadmap.

  6. This is already being crafted though we can’t release any details until the development team gives it a thorough review followed by their personal approval.

Thank you for providing your input, I will make sure the development team reviews your post.



Dear Serena,
Thanks a lot for your detailed reply ! I well understand that Dero is very young, the team works hard on it and proceeds in right direction. I am looking forward for new improvements and services for customers. Good luck !

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Thanks Mik, we appreciate the support!

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it’s came along way in the last two months the site already had a facelift trust me they are breaking backs and fingers here ! Sidenote very mobile friendly love how it counts post comments as you scroll :heart_eyes:

I totally agree with this. DERO is completely functional and blockchain technology for smart contracts is something new and innovative and something that DERO is extremely good at implementing. They should be proud of the fact that they have a blockchain background smart contracts.
It is something to be proud of! People struggle to come up with innovative things and DERO is something that is extremely helpful for me!

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