Sync stopped on block 68713


Ok, I just hope it won’t jam again. I wouldn’t wanna lose my balance from the pool. Thank you for your patience Mojo and have a nice day! :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry the db file is for 64-bit system , For 32 bit system pls sync.


If your machine is 64-bit then why not use 64-Bit version


Why was this not posted in the reddit forum? (or did I just miss it??)


We are focused more on development so efficient use of resources are expected.
Official forum and channels are preferred. Many other channels are maintained but not entirely possible.


Fair enough I suppose - its just so easy to miss something like this. With reddit there is a single location I can go for all the coins I mine and its easy to keep track of it all.


I will make sure to keep the Reddit more up to date and I’ll try to add all of the little pieces of info that come out there as well.


Thank you Serena.:smiley: