Sync'd node utilization from other nodes within Win

I’ve read this forum extensively, including reddit and discord without finding an answer.

I finally managed to get the syncd blockchain running derod.

This exists on one my miners (seemed to sync much faster on a 3900x) Now that it is there, I can mine, sort of. I’m getting this error occasionally with the miner:

(your system will only allow me to upload one screenshot)

I have many miners and would like to point the other miners to this node. I haven’t seen any info on here related to that question in Win.

The other question relates to registration because the miner starting giving me the errors you see in the above screenshot. Again, I went through and tried all the tricks to register, but apparently I am still not? Here is a shot of my cli wallet:

(your system will only allow me to upload one screenshot)

I figured since there was no longer option #4 to register that maybe I already was?

Thank you.

Rather, it’s about setting up a Windows time server on a computer with the dero daemon. Time does not really matter with the miners.

For me, the time difference on the demon is several dozen ns, for you it is more than a second. You need to set up the ntp server in the preferences, e.g.

Ok, that is now done.

Still getting this