Synchronize is very slow blockchain


Hi, I have 4 days synchronized my new pool od dero, but is very slow, I downloaded the las binaries to i386, but is very slow


i was having the same problem(NTP messages would repeat, saying my time was off). It turned out my clock on windows was 6 seconds off after i had been trying to sync for 3 days lol. Try going into clock setting and syncing it if you think its the same issue. then reopen and it should go a lot faster.


This time adjustment is very hard while using derod , Is it mandatory to have this check?


386 are 32-bit binaries, use the 64-bit (amd64) and blockchain db from

As mentioned by @Jake, if you are getting time sync errors, toggle your machine’s auto time sync off/on, then restart

Yes :slight_smile:


Actualy i have this status: DERO: 234805/300888 [234805/300888] P 13 TXp 1 NW 148.2 MH/s >>>, from 1 week is very slow

How fix this?


looks synced. you are good to go


Really???, waaao i hope more of you, thanks for nothing


your mad because you have already synced? lol
Am i missing something here?