Time stamp error cmd mining

What is time stamp and how does it work?

Using cmd for all executables.

I run the main machine 5900x 32GB 3200 xmp2.0 profile win10 in UK 250Mb internet with 11-23ms latency cable connected router to the PC with 3500Mb nvme drive (and rtx 3070 which is probably irrelevant).

I have had issues with time stamp. I would get error saying “… More than 1 second sync your time…”
I am not a programmer but I know my stuff.

  1. Synced time using windows inbuilt tools it works but while mining in the miner window I have a line with some timings in red ie. “140ms|-140ms|460ms” where all 3 numbers can be anything really at any time. It will mine but I have blocks found and no reward sent to my wallet. So what do those numbers mean exactly?
  2. I used nettime to sync the time and I would get similar results in regards to the numbers in red but the last one will be negative so ie. 240ms|-240ms|-120ms. Seems whenever last number is negative I will get time stamp error saying smthg “… to much in future…” probably only when finding block/miniblock as its not permanentn thing while mining.

So what are those numbers and how do I address to much in future error as well as block found no reward situation?

Many thanks in advance
Mini miner

Pls see DERO Node Setup
Also DERO Stargate Mining Calculations

Very informative.
Much appreciated, thanks.

Mini miner.