DERO Stargate Mining Calculations

DERO Stargate is CPU/GPU mineable and use AstroBWT/v2 mining alogorithm.

DERO Stargate uses unique concept of Sigma mining in which based on hash-rates 48000 miners get rewards daily and 96000 miners get rewards every two days and so on …

How to mine on Stargate: Mining DERO — DERO Documentation documentation
How to mine on Android phones: How to run DERO on Android — DERO Documentation documentation

Mining Software: Official Miner for CPU
Benchmark hash-rates of various CPU/GPU/Mobile/ARM devices on DERO.

Calculation regarding mining rewards and hash-rates:

Let network hash-rate be 3 GH => 3 * 1000000 = 3000000 KH
=> 3000000 /48000(No. of mini-blocks /day) 
= 62.5 KH

So if you are having 62.5 KH then you will get one reward every day of ~0.06150( 1 Mini-block).
So if you are having 125(62.5 * 2)KH then you will get two rewards every day of ~0.06150( 2 Mini-block).
So if you are having 31.25(62.5 / 2)KH then you will get one reward every two days of ~0.06150( 1 Mini-block/ 2 days).

NOTE: Whether you mine on pool or solo, It doesn’t matter on DERO.
Mine on your own node and save ~10% fees by replacing integrator-address in your node to your walletAddress. Run cmd setintegratoraddress yourWalletAddress in daemon or Use help cmd in daemon for more details.
Blocks and miniblocks rewards are same.

DERO Node Setup
Create-Register/Restore wallet on DERO Stargate Network
Check DERO documentation for more details.