Unable to reclaim all my dero

I’ve had over 400 Deros in my Atlantis wallet but have not been following up and looks like there were a lot of changes since then. I am now trying to recover my coins but Atlantis web wallet won’t open. Tried to recover with seed in new web wallet but the wallet recovers with 0 balance. How do I restore my coins? Is it too late to catch up with all the changes? Please help!

I have the exact same problem.

How can I swap my coins to the new chain?

It looks like they are working on a fix…Q1/Q2 2023 it says. Pray it will happen!

Fingers cross, guess not the best one for a long term investment. can’t just store and forget for a while.

As said, mention of some work and announcement would be expected in first half of this year. Closing out the thread as we have many on this topic at this point.