Update Mar.5: Official pool/Block explorer

There have been a few reports of pending payments and the block explorer behaving oddly. I’ve looked into the official pool and the front end is having trouble showing the “your stats and payment history” section, though it is mining correctly. There are substantial upgrades coming for the official pool in all areas from software to hardware very shortly to preempt future miner loads and demand.

There have also been a few pools that had trouble processing payments in the last few hours, including the official pool and we’re starting to see the issue resolve itself with a few manual inputs. When support is online again the pending payments will get pushed through on the official pool (pool.dero.live).

The block explorer is transitioning today to golang (live) so there may be some tweaking left to do. I’ve noticed myself that it’s behaving a bit strangely but having looked into it, it should be fast and easy to resolve at this point.

On behalf of the Dero team, I would like to thank everyone for their patience and support to date. As we transition the network to the initial beta version of the Dero golang codebase over the course of the next month (approx. 30 days), we would like to remind everyone that we will be available basically (literally) 24/7 to help resolve any issues that may arise.

I would like to respectfully mention that any derosuite (golang) updates you see between now and the official beta announcement are to be considered “pre-alpha” and only to be used on a limited basis for testing and evaluation.

This is not an announcement of a specific update. It’s simply a reminder that because we’re starting to transition to golang everyone is reminded to please limit the use of derosuite to testing and evaluation only until our development team announces an official beta version.

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