Updated Guide for People who havent been keeping up to date?

Hi guys,

Thought this might be a good thread for people like me who have not been following this project for a good while but invested in it ages ago.
I see that there was a migration, which me and seems like a few other people missed.

I believe that the old atlantis wallets are no longer operational? https://walletatlantis.dero.io/ looks like the website is down.
I can log into the Stargate wallet, however, shows 0 Dero, and rescanning the blockchain automatically comes up with “success”. The register button doesnt seem to do anything either.

Does anyone know what the next steps would be for the people who missed the migration and if there is any hope recovering the coins?

Much Appricated.

i have the same issue. i was supportig Dero years before. Had some miners, first GPU mining, than ASIC and had a time without Crypto. Now returned ans saw, that there was a swap from Atlantis to Stargate.

I´m sure, that there will be a solution for the Problem, and i´m in trust to Dev Team :slight_smile:
Still the best Crypto-Project !