Very high hashrate and few mining rewards

I have been mining dero for a year now and at the moment even a 3900X can not make a profit. I have been paying attention to the mining payout and basically all the mining rewards go to the same handful of addresses and one that somehow manages to get half or more of the mini blocks so of course now im questioning how this is possible when I can barely get anything with multiple 3900x miners? Maybe a very large server farm taking over the mining or maybe mining is broken again.

Network & mining is running fine.

I doubt that dero network has virtual computing power~! Official acquiescence

There is something going on but apparently support thinks its fine. The hashrate just doubled in one day but somehow one address is getting 7 of 10 mini blocks with 330mh that doesn’t let much for the rest of the community now does it??? I cant believe I’m the only one pointing this out. I’ve been mining dero for a year and cant continue running my miners for nothing. If this continues they will have a couple farms running the network

Network & mining is running fine. If you see any outliers, feel free to report them. Otherwise, things are moving forward. However, in instances such as these always be vigilant to watch for any abnormal activities on nodes etc.

There have been a history of peaks/valleys in network hashrate , and as people investigate and find optimizations to miners and retain closed-source or local copies of such with access to large computing power, you will see these spikes in nature ‘feel’ one-sided until the knowledge is shared or others who wish to provide updates to the rest of folks is taken into account.


Its not about the hashpower or the newest CPU read about the astrobow algorithm first .
And its never suitable to have a Hugh hashrate in dero with 1 device . I do love dero because i understod the puzzle behind everything , And I am happy minning it .