Wallet access is going from Bad to Worse .... Need help

Hi Support.
Have looked at Wallet Support threads and followed through step by step but have now gone from Windows Wallet which showed my balance with the sync reading being 0 / 0. Now I now there has to be sync numbers equal on both sides of ‘forward slash’. ( 123456 / 123456 ). Also have more Dero to enter wallet form Tradeogre and of course it has not appeared.

  1. Have tried to register wallet again by entering #4 but after waiting and hour or so, nothing has happened.
  2. Decided to 'Recover Wallet using seed words and ‘bugger me days’ the balance that I had disappeared so now the reading is 0 / 0 0.00000.
  3. I am now at a complete loss as have no Dero showing in my balance, no transaction of more Dero from a day or so back able to enter wallet as it appears to be unregistered and un synced.
    I need step by step instructions for a real dumb, non techy person to restore a working Dero Wallet with all my Dero showing up in the Wallet.
    Thanks very much in advance.