Wallet does not show payment earned from any pool


Dear Serena,

I am new to DERO and just figuring out how to mine this coin, I downloaded the cli 386 wallet and created a new wallet following the command, and started mining since yesterday. But until now I rescan blockchain and use balance command to check both green and yellow balance shown is 0.000

I should have received about 160 DERO according to the official pool payment, and I also tried another pool and earned 30 DERO, none of them shown in the wallet. I have double checked the address is correct, please help

my address is as below


Also, I would like to ask why my hash rate with the official pool seems to go up and down and sometimes down to zero but my machines are working fine from the monitor with constant output. Thanks!



Hello kenyim83drum,

Can you make sure you have the latest version of Dero found here: http://seeds.dero.io/alpha/

If/once you’re using the latest version, please make sure to run derod until it is 100% synchronized before opening your wallet. Once you open your wallet, please use the “balance” command to refresh your balance.

If you’re noticing your hashrate dips a lot, please take your overall hashrate multiply by 30 and use that as your static difficulty. (Wallet_address.difficulty on the official pool)

I hope you’re well today!



thanks for your prompt reply! I will give it a try and see if I can get it right



Dear Serena,

please advise which of the below address with static diff lock is correct?






Now I used

dERoiFZkkZYLszZuuVSSx57CrRx5SNkxe3KkzweJdn4WSrrfRNrCZNCdu24KPAExvCXYkWJQNeVnUc2Fa86jMKPx7YLAV5MetQ.6000000 as my new address but I cannot find my hashes anymore with or without .6000000 after the address

Please advise.



Hi kenyim83drum5h,

This is the correct format.

(don’t add difficulty to stats search)
I checked and it’s showing normally, are you still having this issue?


Thanks, I think it is working fine now, except I have to put 10M-16M difficulty for every miners I use on this pool but still it seems the return is very small compare to the estimate calculator. from the calculator with 800k hash input the return is about 2000 dero per day, but since 5 hour ago I changed the difficulties and mining with 800k hash I only received 40 dero, is this normal up and down spike or something is wrong with my setting?



Profitability calculator is an estimate based on the difficulty the moment you check. Dero’s difficulty algorithm is very responsive to sudden changes (a very good thing), but in your case that means checking between hours might give different results.

Additionally, you are adding 1 MH/s to the network, which is usually 10% to 20% on top of current network hashrate. That means you are adding to the difficulty while mining, reducing your income.

One last thing to consider. Dero block maturity is 60 blocks. That means your balance from contribution to a block is credited following 60 network blocks after that. In simpler terms, you see the pending balance increment after 2-2.5 hours after the block is found.


I understand about the network difficulty and maturity delay, but in the stat history my next payment is always at zero even my HR is constantly above 500k, and the hash submitted doesnt increase, is it because I set my static difficulty too high?


How high?

Please make sure to have an average time per share of 30 seconds. If you have times above 2 minutes, most of you shares would probably be outdated.

Your (hashes/second) X 30 = difficulty. That would result in a share size that your miner should be able to compute in 30 seconds.

If your hashrate is extremely variable, then please make sure at the lowest, you are still able to submit a share in less than 90 seconds.


the difficulty is base on each machine or the total hash rate of all machine combined? since serena said overall hash rate I thought it is base on my total hash input.

ie: each machine is 20kh, total hash is 400kh, how should I set my static diff?



Difficulty is set between the pool and each device communicating with the pool, regardless of number of devices.

You calculate them together if you are using a proxy, and separately if you are connecting each machine by itself.