Wallet registration issue

It has been one week since I’m trying to create my CLI wallet without success.
I have followed the instructions from forum and created a 100Gb disk image.
Now I’m not sure if I’m fully sync, it is much more slower than at the beginning:
Capture Deronode

According below capture my wallet seams registered (“Registration tx dispatch succesfully”) but it keep saying that I’m not. Have I missed something ?
Capture wallet

Thanks a lot for your support

You are not fully synced. x/x [y/y] where x is your local height and y being peered height. You can check current heights at https://explorer.dero.io or https://derostats.io

You can wait until you are fully synced or re-launch your cli wallet with --remote option to utilize a fully synced remote node and register that way. Once your daemon is fully synced you can use the wallet without --remote.


It finally worked!! I could create my wallet with remote option. I will keep trying to sync my local node.

Thanks a lot!!