Wallets available for DERO

DERO currently has wallet options for all platforms. There is a secure browser based wallet , a CLI wallet for pretty much every imaginable platform, GUI wallet for ( Windows, Linux or MacOS ) and the DeroMask mobile DERO Wallet .

Pick a wallet, download and go!

Secure Browser Based Wallet

The DERO browser based wallet is a fully functional in browser GUI wallet that performs all cryptography locally . What does that mean? It means that your private keys never leave your machine and your funds are not stored on a 3rd party server. Your private key is never shared to perform any functions.

The browser based wallet only uses an external server to download the wallet source files and connect to the daemon. It is also possible to connect the browser based to a locally ran daemon, if you choose.

DERO’s web wallet is secure , easy to use and convenient .

Offical DERO web wallet — https://derowallet.io/

GUI Wallet

The DERO GUI wallet is easy to use and quick to sync . It connects to a remote daemon by default, so it doesn’t need a local daemon to operate. It’s functionality is essentially the same as the browser based wallet.

DERO GUI Wallet ( Windows/Linux ) — GitHub
DERO GUI Wallet ( MacOS ) — GitHub

CLI Wallet

The CLI wallet is very easy to use. DERO has developed an option based menu system that makes using a CLI easy. Just start the daemon and open the wallet. Simple as that.

Even though, the menu based system is very robust, there are still some start option commands that come in handy. Personally, I think the ‘–remote’ flag comes in handy very often.

This command will start the wallet using remote node, no need to run a daemon locally. It defaults to the official DERO daemon right now but you can choose your own as well.

  • Windows -
    C:\dero-wallet-cli-windows-amd64.exe --daemon-address=https://rwallet.dero.live:443
  • or Linux/Mac -
    ./dero-wallet-cli-linux-amd64 --daemon-address=https://rwallet.dero.live:443

DERO CLI Wallet [— Windows , Linux , FreeBSD and MacOS

Bootstrap Dowloads

If you are installing a local node and want to download the blockchain first, try blockchain.dero.network. Bootstrap files are updated daily.

Written by @Kryptoid

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