Windows 11 mining, total noob

Hello to everyone in community,

I am new to DERO and total noob about it. I downloaded ENGRAM and I can run NETRUNNER with ENGRAM. I aslo downloader DERO CLI package. I registered my dero wallet adress (at least I think so…)
My question i very simple. How exacttly should look my .bat file if I want rto mine remote. For examle,

dero-miner-windows-amd64 --wallet-adress (myWallet adress) --remote --daemon-RPC-address Where I am making mistake here?

Second Question how I can download complete node, without waiting few days tio sync, If I want to mine using my node (not remote)

Also I have DERO RPC Bridge on my browser installed.

Please give me exact commands for remote mining and also for local (I think NETRUNNER is doing local mining) and how to monitor process of mining. I am aware that questions were asked milion times, but I can’t find complete answers anywhere. Sorry for opening theme that was disqused before, I hope you will have understandig.

Thank you in advance and best of luck!

Hello vlajko,

After the chain split addresses have changed, also for mining Dero.

If you also want to use the intergraded Netrunner miner you need to place the JSON files that are mentioned here DERO Network Update. Network Disruption Resolution | by Dank | DERO | Mar, 2023 | Medium in the mainet folder.

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Thank you very much!

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I want to say thanks for info in such short notice, it was very usufull. All the best to DERO community!

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You’re welcome, been running into the same issues and fixed it :+1: