Windows quarantines cli wallet as wacatac trojan

Hi, I am trying to download a Dero Wallet on windows.

I downloaded cli wallet from, and windows quarentined it as a wacatac trojan file.

How do i know if this is a real wacatac trojan or a windows false positive?

Also, i tried to download Engram wallet but when i went to make a new account by clicking the button, there was no response, nothing happened. What’s that about? There was no message like ’ please wait while your account is being downloaded or whatever message you want’ ’ please keep window open while your new account is syncing’ or something.

What is that about?

So there is no other wallet available right now for windows? No web wallet or easy wallet to just get a Dero address set up without making an account?

Your input and advice would be appreciated.

I can’t keep using TO as a wallet!

Pls download & compare checksum from DERO github.
If hashes matches then they are false positives.

Also try DERO GUI wallet.
Pls extract & run it after download.

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thanks i will try that now.

Also, windows is not quarantining the wallet, it’s quarantining the included miner which is in the same zip file. Windows will flag all crypto currency miners.

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