Withdraw from KuCoin, DeroHE network, DSTport


I had coins stuck at KuCoin for months as their DERO withdrawal network was down. It is now finally back up.

But when I try to withdraw using the DEROHE network, there is a field asking for my “dstport” and says that if I enter an incorrect value, the coins can be lost.

What is a dstport and where do I find my dstport value?

I am using the DERO GUI Wallet (pre-alpha) with remote server https://rwallet.dero.io

Captain wrote this on Discord for similar question.

You can use any number as dstport during receiving to your wallet. DstPort (previously payment-ID) number is just used to identify particular deposit for different users on exchanges. As you own your wallet you can use any DstPort number.

Thank you.

I enter a random 7777 as DSTPort but when I copy and paste my Dero Wallet address into the KuCoin Dero withdrawal address I get an “incorrect wallet address” error.

I double check the copy and paste and the addresses match exactly.

Why would KuCoin say that my Dero Receive Wallet address is incorrect?

Sounds like maybe you are trying to withdraw to old atlantis wallet address.

You could try create a new wallet using Engram GUI Wallet and see if this make same error?

I installed Engram, recovered my wallet to Engram. Allowed it to complete registration. And then tried to withdraw to this NEW wallet address at KuCoin and same result - “incorrect wallet address” error

This is very frustrating.

Any other suggestions?

Is there selection in KuCoin withdraw that says Atlantis or Stargate? You might have to select the right network. You want to withdraw Stargate coins.

Also did you try KuCoin Support? It sounds like you are doing the right thing.

One thing you can try to double check your wallet is, enter your wallet address on the explorer below

Then it should tell you if your wallet it’s registered properly.


Thank you for your help so far. It is much appreciated.

  1. The only network choice available on KuCoin is DEROHE. There is no selection for Atlantis or Stargate.

  2. I’ve tried KuCoin support but that is like getting blood from a stone. Their support consists of bots that give useless, generic answers, or something apparently human that gives useless, generic answers.

  3. I went to explorer.dero.io - is this really the correct resource for wallet address checking? Because the entry field says “block height, block hash, transaction hash” and when I paste my wallet address in that field I get “No details found in database”

The right one for checking is


Notice the HE on the url :point_up:

DEROHE is Stargate so that should be all good then.

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Yes that is the URL I used. Made a typo in my earlier post

I get “No details found in database”

DERO HE BlockChain Explorer(v1) Mainnet

My mistake, I got it mixed up with this version (from derohe.com) :sweat_smile:


Thanks. I just went to that URL and pasted my Engram wallet address and got:

This address is registered.

Then I have no explanation, it should be working then

The first day after the wallet came back online, I managed to withdraw my Dero from KuCoin without Dstport and without problems.

After a day, it went offline again for maintenance, and when it came back after a day of ‘upgrades’, the withdrawal process was not working anymore, with or without the Dstport.

You can fill any Dstport if you sending to your personal wallet, the funds should arrive.

As a test, you can try sending Dero from your KuCoin account to your friends valid address with Dstport (or even yours), and you’ll see it’s broken.

You don’t even need actually to send any funds out to see that their wallet is broken- Go to your ‘Address Book’ and try ‘Add Address’. You’ll see the same error with Dero (“Incorrect withdrawal address”), while any other coin works.

They probably added some error checks during their short ‘upgrade’ which broke the address insertion process.

I’m chatting with the help desk for days now, and like people said - It’s like talking to a wall, it’s useless. They blaming me for doing something wrong. I don’t know what to do with them.

And don’t even try to send funds to TradeOgre directly, It didn’t even work the first day before the ‘upgrade’. You need to enter ‘dero1xxxxx’ address at KuCoin, Not the "deroi1xxxxx’ address you getting at TradeOgre.

I saw my actual TradeOgre address when I sent funds from my personal wallet, but I’m not sure about the Dstport (PaymentID) (I’m getting too much data), and I don’t know how to split ‘deroi1’ address to ‘dero1’+PaymentID in other way, so I wouldn’t try guess it at KuCoin when(if) they fix their wallet.

Just to let you know, the following issue

Has been reported to Kucoin, and they are working on it.

Follow the conversation on Discord

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Dstport is memo. Now , you can withdraw dero from KuCoin. And the address you provide should be registered on Stargate chain, otherwise the address verification will fail.

The withdrawal address length requires 66 characters, like this: dero1qyyrhu24zd457arj8h0ecqrmntcgjwkgjwlkyrx0y7wexhr4q7ja6qqg402y6

This should be fixed now, please can you verify it’s working in your end?

Thank you.

Just tried transfer on KuCoin and it resulted in “successful”

Now just waiting for coins to show up in my Engram wallet - how long should that take?

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