Withdrawal from HotBit (Payment ID Requirement?)


I submitted a withdrawal from HotBit to Web Wallet. When entering an address, it shows a Label and Payment ID field. But didn’t say required. Tried looking up Payment ID and found not stating it was required. Monero says its optional and that was as close as I got to info even though I know its not DERO specifically. Nor did I see anything from Web Wallet of DERO.

So I submitted haven’t seen anything go to Wallet. Contacted HotBit support. Realized that they added a “colon” : to the end of the address.

TX ID: fc63f03a58a812d8260239165ed57eceee9ccb1d02c04e10ea302fb37f19107e

They said a Payment ID is required and that is why that happened and they can no longer help me and need to contact DERO.



Rescan the wallet and make sure wallet is fully synced and connected to network.