Any genuine advisors?

any genuine advisors who arent going to send me a fake gmail address or fake site info?
I cannot move coins to tradeogre but i can between DeroNFT accounts. Any advice?

TradeOgre uses integrated addresses to maintain a payment id , which is integrated, to differentiate who’s sending funds to what account etc.

I can’t speak to how deronfts works etc. But it’d be in your best interest to create your own wallet, and node (or if not then can use a remote node), then transfer dero there. You could theoretically also just restore the seed you have on deronfts to cli wallet or engram as well then try sending. However, it’s recommended to use separate wallets than what you use as a hot wallet etc.

It is easier to troubleshoot any issues pertaining to txn generation when trying to send to TO etc when utilizing cli wallet etc .

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thankyou for that advice mate. Just one more thing.
i have tried opening a CLI wallet on mac and always comes up with
“sending registration tx err offline or not connected. cannot send transaction.”
any advice plz?


Need to be sure you’re connected to a daemon. You’ll see the heights in the wallet showing 0/2xxxx… where 2xxxx… is the current height (can reference .

There’s a built-in remote mode to be usable by passing a --remote flag. Cand find details here: Create-Register/Restore wallet on DERO Stargate Network

For maximum privacy and security, it’s best to run your own node. You can easily get derod running with --fastsync and up to current in a short amount of time.

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