Any news yet on the antiASIC fork date yet

I am getting really frustrated by the lack of ANY news on the anti ASIC timeframe. Is there anything I have missed?

DERO Monthly Update

That doesn’t actually answer my question. For a start that is now almost three weeks ago and for another it IS next month. I was looking for something more concrete (I had seen that several weeks ago when it was issued).

Wtih respect deroguy, that monthly update does give a clear time frame for the Atlantis release and with it, the new PoW

In at least 4 weeks dero will have pow change.

Dero will have to release a breakthrou Anti asic PoW… if they release a „simple“ change like v7 or heavy they will lose most comunity.

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Just re-read the whole thing - I somehow missed the reference to the 30-45 day timesframe when I re-read it (too quickly obviously) and I clearly forgot it was there from my original reading a while ago. My apologies. I will not read these things in such haste in future.

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As I have replied to Serena, on re-reading (again) the announcement I see I completely missed the timeframe. I do remember being terribly excited about what I read - and having re-read it now more leisurely I remember just why I was so excited about Atlantis - it was that excitement that stuck with me and why I am so keen to get back supporting the coin mining it. I am keeping my node up throughout though. I assume that still helps with the 51% consensus thing …


Approx 3 weeks to atlantis… Network is at 350MHs.

Hard time :pensive:

I am guessing that Atlantis is coming soon now. I am also assuming we will need new wallets and daemons. Where and when will these be released? I am very keen to get back to Dero after the hyatis due to the ASICs. Thank you.

We will make sure to announce on all our social channels once there’s an update. And of course we will give sufficient time for everyone to prepare.