Atlantis wallet to stargate

I tried to reopen my Atlantis wallet but I could not go to the - it would not show up. I tried different browsers like google and firefox but none worked. I then tried recovering my wallet on the Stargate page and it says my wallet is online - but there are no dero token showing. There should be about 200 tokens showing.

How do I retrieve the dero?

Has my wallet been changed from Atlantis to Stargate?

Also, when I tried to register nothing happened. Is this part of the problem?

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This topic is pretty much explained on this thread:

Same Problem … Seems there are many people …

Any News?


Which, or where is the best place to find out when the swap from Atlantis to Stargate becomes available again?


Dev-Team said, that there will be an official announcment in Q1 or Q2. I think, that this will be on multiple officail channels ( forum, Discord, …).

Please note: There will be NEVER a personal message or support-chat… These are scammer. Never share your Seed. Never click on a link.

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Thanks great. Thanks for letting me know.

Just one more note.

I’m afraid the link to the mailing list on the website doesn’t work.

Any news about time-window to swap?