Atlantis wallet to stargate

I tried to reopen my Atlantis wallet but I could not go to the - it would not show up. I tried different browsers like google and firefox but none worked. I then tried recovering my wallet on the Stargate page and it says my wallet is online - but there are no dero token showing. There should be about 200 tokens showing.

How do I retrieve the dero?

Has my wallet been changed from Atlantis to Stargate?

Also, when I tried to register nothing happened. Is this part of the problem?

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This topic is pretty much explained on this thread:

Same Problem … Seems there are many people …

Any News?


Which, or where is the best place to find out when the swap from Atlantis to Stargate becomes available again?


Dev-Team said, that there will be an official announcment in Q1 or Q2. I think, that this will be on multiple officail channels ( forum, Discord, …).

Please note: There will be NEVER a personal message or support-chat… These are scammer. Never share your Seed. Never click on a link.

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Thanks great. Thanks for letting me know.

Just one more note.

I’m afraid the link to the mailing list on the website doesn’t work.

Any news about time-window to swap?

Me too
waiting for the swap way
Thank you all


Yeah Q2 is about to end? I need to get this out of the way in my life, so I no longer have to think about it.


Still waiting anyway

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Does nay one know if this is legitimate?

We are well past the deadline now :roll_eyes:

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I’m aware of that but Dero devs are working on a solution for those of us that missed the deadline.

It’s this really news about swap?

Is there anyone can use this link

Please make your own Research on the different Channels. You will get the Info about the swap.
Always be in mind: You DM first, devs will never DM you.

Any news about time-window to swap?