Cant sync or login my acc


Hey guys,

I use Atlantis, Win10

so I tried your comments uve given to the NTPs. But over here it didnt work. I took the, checked/unchecked the auto sync in different directions with restart before the adjustment and afterwards, restart the PC after adjustment and so on. If there is a clean direction to follow Iam sure i tried it, but better someone write it down - maybe iam foolish…

and the second problem: CLI_AMD64: Ive choosen the password and have my Seedphrase. When I try to login with my password the program tells me it is wrong. Which is impossible cause i logged in multiple times on an other machine. I took the same wallet.db. When I try to recover with my phrase the CLI chrash.

So its not my biggest run with DERO and I think I could manage it because i overlook stuff maybe.
Have u an idea?

Thanks so far…


You don’t need ntp client if you are not mining. For NTP try
To debug wallet crash check if you can create a new wallet on that machine, save seed, delete wallet, restore wallet from seed. Maybe the file was corrupt or permissions insufficient, or out of space.


cool, to delete the wallet worked for me. Do u have another idea how i can improve my sync speed, i sync since 4 days… day and night and Im still missing 450000 oO. Tried the stuff wich ive found here inside the forum, but speed is not increasing…



Pls see How to run full Dero Node , Download and replace Dero blockchain DB in mainnet folder from


ive done that from the beginning… so the progress is painted in yellow. have not found something here on the board about it. syncing is still damn slow.


Paste screenshots of your daemon window with version and status cmd.



Its syncing and in progess. Everyhing looks good.


ill think the same. but its syncing since min. a week and its getting slower and slower. Ive a quadcore, 16gb ram, ssd, glassfibre connection. somewhere is a problem i guess


Check your Network, Harddisk, and cpu load graphs and see which process is consuming the resources. Paste load graph screenshots directly here on this forum. By this HW configuration it should get synced in much less time. Blockchain database has been updated as of today so feel free to download and replace it in mainnet folder.


cant find it on github. Do u have a link?


How to run full Dero Node


ok. nothing happens to the progress. its slowly sycing forward. I sync than nearly one month now.