How to run full Dero Node

How to run full Dero Node and part of Dero Network.
Step 1] Download latest Dero software from Github
Step 2] Extract Dero software and change into that directory by cmd-prompt.
Step 3] Run derod.exe or derod-linux-amd64 depending on operating system. It will start syncing.

1] Dero daemon core cryptography is highly optimized and fast. Use dedicated machine and SSD for best results. VPS with 2-4 Cores, 4GB RAM, 40GB disk and 100Mbps Network is preferred. It should take max 12-48 hrs for complete sync. Derod daemon is availaible for Mac(Darwin), Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD etc. OS for Amd64,x86 and ARM architectures.

2] For faster sync download DERO blockchain database copy from following any sources:
Source 1
md5sum derod_mainnet_6370290.tar.gz 074797b451f026925699c1bb0678a2ac

Source 2

Create mainnet directory in same folder along derod-linux-amd64 daemon file. Extract and place derod_database.db file in mainnet directory.

Also see create Dero wallet in one minute

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My synchronization is 5 days. And it should be completed in 60 days. This is normal.
There are no errors. Now on the block-2371138/3254396

Looks you are already synced.
DERO: A/B [X/Y] P 49 TXp 0 NW 985.3 MH/s >>>
Make sure A=X and B=Y or all numbers are in green color.

With all due respect, a whole week has passed.
I noticed that at a speed of 1.4Gh / s, the synchronization is very slow. There are no errors. Can I somehow lower the speed of synchronization?

You have to do nothing, You node is fully synced.
1.4 Gh/s is Dero NW hash rate. You are connected to Dero network and you can run Dero wallet in second terminal. See Create/Backup/Restore DERO Wallet in one minute

if anything else please let us know.