How to run full Dero Node


How to run full Dero Node and part of Dero Network.
Step 1] Download latest Dero software from Github
Step 2] Extract Dero software and change into that directory by cmd-prompt.
Step 3] Run derod.exe or derod-linux-amd64 depending on operating system. It will start syncing.

1] Dero daemon core cryptography is highly optimized and fast. Use dedicated machine and SSD for best results. VPS with 2-4 Cores, 4GB RAM, 30GB disk and 1Gbps Network is preferred. It should take max 2-5 hrs for complete sync. Derod daemon is availaible for Mac(Darwin), Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, OpenBSD etc. OS for Amd64,x86 and ARM architectures.

2] For faster sync download Dero blockchain database copy in mainnet folder.

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