Dero mining pool list

After DERO Atlantis upgrade orignal CryptoNote Pool software does not work with DERO. There are minor modifications to support 12 secs blocktime. See details Captain/dero-pool: Dero pool source for mining Dero. - dero-pool - DeroProject: Most private and secure blockchain keep sharetime to 2 secs for better efficiency.

Official pool runs on Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2620 32 cores(Dual).
Recent Intel Xeon 16 core CPU, 8GB Ram, 120 GB SSD disk will make a decent stable pool.


Latest DERO Mining Pool list :
Dero (DERO) AstroBWT | Mining Pools (Official pool)

NB: Before joining any pool, Match current block height with other pools or with
Report if you see any pool out of sync.

To sync faster with NW, reduce forking issues and orphan blocks add following option.
1] ./derod-linux-amd64 --add-priority-node --add-priority-node .
2] How to run full Dero Node

Post your contact info in the thread for support, issues and updates.

Make sure you have dedicated/decent CPU( with AES instruction set)hardware for pool. CryptoNote algo requires lot of CPU and most of the VPS fails when other VPS on same host takes backup or are under heavy load. Also many VPS providers don’t expose full instruction set.
In linux use cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep -i aes to check for aes instructions.

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Are there any guidelines for pool owners who are looking to add a DERO pool?

Or can I just create the pool and post on the forum? I already have a pool for other coins, and DERO is attracting attention :slight_smile:

Updated, Pls check above.
Post your contact details for for support, issues and updates.


I’m building the server now. derod synced and followed recommendation, but it shows that an update is needed.

Last scheduled hard fork time shows a daemon update is needed now.

I used the precompiled releases, should I compile from source myself?

Additionally, I couldn’t find anywhere the number of decimals, so I extrapolated from the blockexplorer that it is 12, can you verify please?


Ignore the warning for daemon updates.
Better to use compile binaries for maximum utilization of native architecture.
Check DERO pool sample config for all default and sample values

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Up and ready :slight_smile:

Announcement post:

It would be much appreciated if we are added to the pools list here and on Bitcointalk :smiley:

Edited. use

Monerise Pool for Dero

We are committed to keeping our fees at 0.01% (PPLNS) for 2018 and possibly 2019 with your support.


Fees: 0.01% (for the entire year of 2018)
Servers locations routed by GeoDNS (US, EU) (Asia Q2 2018)
Integrated Web Mining (for website/app developers)

Contact Information

Monerise Forum
Discord - Invite link available in forum
Reddit - /u/monerise
Dero Official Slack Channel - Monerise

Please consider adding us to your list of pools as well.

We’re new and fresh off the press but run by staff with years of experience hosting applications on the internet so we should be in for a good run…


Fees: 0.1%
DDOS protection
Intel Xeon Skylake CPUs
Scalable & highly available hardware


Hey there DERO community

Our team invites you to mine DERO on one of the best pools available :wink:

Edited: Repost again when ready.

I’m confused, why post this message when you website states:

"Dear miners

Together with team we decided do stop our pool service for some time because of problems we have to deal everyday. We always wanted to provide stable, reliable and secure platform for altcoins mining, however we can not offer that at present time so we have to make major changes. Pool will be back under same name, but totally revamped and more active. We are planning to try again this summer, so stay tuned.

Thanks for mining together with us!"


Could you please update my pool to list:
This is my pool

  • 1Gbps bandwidth
  • Dedicated server 16 Core - Ram 32G


Crisp new pool

Please consider adding our pool.

We do have a 1% Fee but we do not hide it through transaction fees or any other scheems.
We use dedicated servers on all pools with 1Gbps Ports and advanced hardware DDOS protections.
Uptime is 100% and it will stay that way because we are part of a cluster of servers which in case of failure it is duplicated instantly.
We wait for you

We will go through the list periodically and update it. It may take a little while but we will review the pools when we have time and try out best to update the list.
china dero pool
have 700K hash

Welcome @staar, I hope You have seen first post to keep up network sync and reduce orphan block. Let me know if any issues. WIll add your pool on first post in next few days.

Yesterday our pool fork,today already fix。=。=

All pool operators pls update your daemon from or compile from source.
This is fork fix update.

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Update for pool operators: Please update to the latest version of Dero ( There was a new update on March.31/2018 so please make sure you are using this.
To run rpc-wallet use cmd : ./dero-wallet-cli --rpc-server --wallet-file pool-wallet1 --password wallet-password --rpc-bind --unlock

Dero wallet has inbuilt rpc-server, there is no seperate wallet for rpc like others.

New alpha release updated , update to latest.