Dero Balance Disappeared

I see others are having this issue with zero balance and problems changing over to a new wallet.

I tried to log in to my wallet, first time in while - and got an invalid character ‘\u0088’ error.
The wallet was recovered using my seed, but no Balance nor TX History.
Blockchain updates don’t seem to be working, as expected I believe !
Spent the next couple of hours trying to figure out what’s going on, only partially the wiser.

Can someone briefly detail what changes have happened.
Obviously there’s been a wallet change, and possibly a coin change ?

Also, without going in to the detalis, can someone give me a basic road map of what I’m supposed to do to get my balance back ?

Sould I uninstall my existing wallet and download ‘Stargate’ fresh, for example ?

Thanks for any help,


My first guess is that you got your wallets crossed.
Atlantis seed does not work for stargate
You need stargate seed to work with stargate chain
If you haven’t done so, obtain a new stargate wallet and register it.
Let us know.

Thanks for the reply snb, appreciated.

Before I try that, how would my new Stargate wallet know what was in my older Atlantis one ?
I’m thinking it wouldn’t ?

Cheers !

That’s right. You need to conduct the swap.

Please read these instructions per your situation, and ask questions when you have them. We are here to help.

Hey snb,

I should probably inform you that I’m running Win7 Pro SP1, and I have been using the Web Wallet.

If I can re-wind a little and take this step by step… Can I achieve this swap using web wallets, or do I have to use CLI ?

Before I get in to the ‘swap’, which shouldn’t be a problem as I’m ok using TrOg - I’m presuming I’ll need to locate my Dero before I can swap them.
So as far as I can see - my priority is to find my account balance ?


…to add :

After creating a new web wallet as per your 2nd link above, my wallet status is as follows…

When I open wallet browser link (firefox), I log into a wallet that has a ‘for old Atlantis wallet click here’ link.
This wallet (not the link) has zero balance, and blockchain height of 0/551340 (in Red).

When I click on the old wallet link - I have a choice of 2 wallets to open.
The first is named the same as the one opened by browser (above), and the second wallet option is the one I created following the instructions as per your 2nd link.

When I log into this first wallet - it has zero balance, and Bl. Height is currently roughly 1/4 of the way to 8.38M (in Red again).

When I log into the second wallet (the one I just created) - Zero balance again, Bl. Height showing fully synched at 8.38…M.

All these wallets are ‘Atlantis’ - not seen anything referencing ‘Stargate’ yet.


Literally write here the web addresses. here

And you are welcome to include screenshots.

This will help with the diagnosis

Thanks again for the continued support.

Here’s a screenshot from each of the 3 wallets.
Contrary to my last message - the default browser wallet is Stargate, sorry for that !
And the new one I created is under Atlantis. (Maybe I should delete that one ?)

Any problems with the jpegs or reading the addresses - let me know.


Thank you.

Helpful, looks like you answered one of your own questions.

Now, let’s retrace your steps.

First, look in the tx history. Did you send the funds somewhere and don’t remember? Did you move them to a different wallet or exchange?

Second, how did the funds get there? Where did your DERO come from? An exchange, from mining, from p2p? Did you actually send them to this wallet?

To answer both questions :-

The Dero was purchased on 21/06/21 on Trade Ogre.
I’ve just checked the transaction on Ogre, and it was indeed sent to my original Atlantis address (middle picture), later that same day.

  • Payment ID: 2f481dd08564f493f90908d6e411edfd25a4cd974d4e5c11976a1a95b40c6992

I have absolutely not initiated any transactions since the Dero was originally deposited.
It’s not much - my last written record records a balance of 10.12341470. This is what was originally deposited and should still be the balance.
I was planning to acquire more !

As for TX History - There is none showing in any of the wallets.

So is it starting to look like my funds have nefariously disappeared, rather than any issue that I haven’t carried out the change-over proceedure ?

Many thanks… and don’t you forget it’s the weekend :wink:


Is atlantis synced up yet?
Your pictures show that atlantis wasnt synced. What is the block height right now?

I’m having the same exact problem. I don’t know what to do. I loaded the CMD wallet, which literally took 3 days to sync with no result. The balance is still Zero. I loaded in a the seed phrase to the Atlantis wallet and synced it. It took maybe 6 hours. Still, just like yours no balance. I loaded in a new Stargate wallet. Same thing. No Balance. With the Stargate wallet, it simply doesn’t sync at all. And the register button doesn’t either. And I’ve never touched the wallet except for checking my balance exery month or so.

I went on-line, and there are numerous threads on Reddit and others with people having the same problem. I don’t understand why they migrated the wallet Why didn’t they just start a new separate wallet, and then when people were informed, then they could just send the funds. Some people even stated, that they lost a lot of money. I don’t know what that means, but it doesn’t sound good. It seems as if this problem has been going on for months. I’ve been referring my friends to this project, but does this project have a functional wallet. I wanted to buy more, but where am I going to put it where I can trust it’s not going to disappear. I bought the Dero about the same time as you, and have been checking the balance every month or two with no incident. And then, just like you, my funds just disappeared.

Post screen shots, please.

Another problem. I went to the official Dero page which referred me to the what I presume is the official Telegram page. I simply asked a few questions as delicately as I could, and the referred me to the Discord group, which for some reason I can’t join. I don’t know if there is a glitch or not. And then the telegram group blocked me. For what? Asking questions about the wallet problems of your project. Isn’t that a problem? that the people moderating the official telegram group blocks people for asking relevant questions about losing their funds? How can I refer people to this project of buy more Dero, if I have no where to safely store my funds?

The above is the synced Dero Atlantis wallet. It took me hours. I’m having the same problem as the above person, and apparently many many others. Some of my friends bought this project because of me, and are having the same problem. I don’t know what to do. And the new Stargate wallet doesn’t sync at all, and doesn’t allow me to register. And I waited a long time. The whole night I left on the computer without being able to register.

My funds are missing too. I had a wallet since a year ago which I believe is an atlantis wallet. It says I have zero locked and unlocked funds and won’t let me send any out. I have proof I bought it from trade ogre and it’s in my recent transactions on tradeogre but not on the Dero page.

Pls don’t try to repeat again & again “many many others” having same problem. Try to understand & focus on your problem first. Keep focus of the thread/posts on solving the issue first rather than something else.

Let’s solve each problem one by one. First make sure you have registered Stargate wallet.

Your wallet doesn’t look synced.
See the red numbers? when those two numbers match, then you are synced. The wallet is scan each of those blocks for your transactions.