DERO Home Network (questions)


I’m reading the article on creating DERO Home Network and have a question.

Let’s say I have 5 Windows devices I wanna run DERO miners on. I run DERO daemon on one of them (using rpc-bind option that is set to localhost), and the next step is to connect other devices (with dero-miner-windows-amd64 processes running) to the daemon.

In order to do it, I have to provide a wallet address (wallet-address parameter):

  1. Can it be the same wallet address on each device?

Additional questions:

  1. Can I combine H/s I get on each device to calculate my overall computational capacity?
  2. Are the local miners aware of each other through the daemon process?
  3. Are the local miners separate computational units and (in a way) they don’t care about other miners in the same neighborhood?


WalletAddress can be same.
Use to bind not localhost.

It doesn’t matter on DERO Stargate whether you miner solo/pool/combined.
Check DERO Stargate Mining Calculations.

He should want to ask whether the reward is calculated by the combined H / s of five machines or by the separate H / s of each machine.

You cannot combine hashes on DERO network.

Thank you for your reply