DERO Node Setup

When you have a suitable time, this title again; Can you make a list of recommended vps companies and vps models?

Creating a virtual disk in Windows
1- start>type “cmd”>righ click on “cmd”>click run as administrator.

2- run diskpart

3- execute the following commands in order.

create vdisk file=c:\disk.vhd type=fixed maximum = 102400

select vdisk file=c:\disk.vhd

attach vdisk

create partition primary


4- Close the windows that appear.

5- Proceed from the Diskpart window.

format FS=NTFS UNIT=512 LABEL=“deronode” QUICK



See how to keep time sync on windows machine:

net stop w32time
net start w32time
w32tm /resync /force
net time /set

Also , Recommended by several users.

Thank you @snipeTR .

I recommend this service. it really offers the easiest and error-free and continuous solution.

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Am am using Linux with ZFS filesystem and created a compressed ZFS file system for my dero node. But see XFS is recommended. I don’t have any problems but still wonder if there are some recommended settings for a ZFS file system or if I really should move over to XFS?

Pls use XFS, there have been some reported issues of caching on ZFS filesystem.
ZFS was initial choice though but have to switch to XFS filesystem.

Hello. What is the function of the parameter “–min-peers”.

--min-ppers X is used to maintain connection with at-least X number of peers.

Thanks! Problem is I have no disk space for that. I could make a ZFS volume and put XFS on top of that but not sure it helps. I guess its time for SSD upgrade.

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OK, I see. Thank you

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Hi, how do I install a dero node on Windows? I don’t understand very well the explanation that you give me here and I’m doing some work. Could you help me

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1 ] Follow post above to create windows disk DERO Node Setup - #5 by snipeTR

2] Download latest release for windows

3] Unzip and cd into DERO folder in command prompt.

4] ./derod-wndows-amd64

Note: UDP connections permission required if using VPN/router.


Excuse me, what can I do with that node, and what do I gain from it?

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Can I mine with that node? Excuse my ignorance a bit for the questions I ask. It’s just that I’m new to this, I saw this project and fell in love with it. Thanks again for your help

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Fastest way to mine is to use remote node but you pay 10% fees.
Download latest release.
Register your Stargate address/wallet first.
Start mining with following cmd:
./dero-miner --mining-threads 22 --wallet-address walletAddress

Note: Remote mining node is


What is the function of the new version – sync-node?

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Is the official node of miner connection “-- daemon-RPC-address”?
Or do you have to use "“

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Better to use domain name
Use Ipaddress in cases like mobiles where DNS resolving fails sometimes.

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--sync-node is used to sync node with one of the seed nodes.

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