How to swap Atlantis to Stargate with web wallet?

Make sure UDP is allowed by your router/firewall/VPN.

It shows daemon is unable to connect to DERO network.

Thanks for your quick response!
How will I know when daemon is able to connect to DERO network? I have made changes in my router and Firewall settings. Do I need to restart the router & PC?

OK, I rebooted the router and then “refreshed” Firewall rules after changing to UDP … still not syncing to DERO chain … ?

Search for some online UDP tests to detect whether UDP is allowed on your network or not.

Thanks again. I did that and have checked for UDP open ports.
I set up on my router to allow UDP for 10100-10102 as per GWTWORK and RPC. The same on firewall.
However the P2P listen changes each time I run the daemon. I add it after running the daemon but doesn’t help.
So I’m still at “DERO HE: 0/0 [0/0]”
Not sure what I’m missing.

4] Allow port forwarding to daemon if behind NAT. Start derod daemon with option --p2p-bind= and port forward that port eg: 50404 in router to daemon Node/IP.

Check DERO Node Setup.

Hi again and thankyou for your help.
I have done as you suggested with port forwarding and used the ‘bind’ command to a specified port. It still won’t start to sync … :face_exhaling:
I read through the “Dero Node Setup” - mostly seems to apply to Linux. I’m on Windows 10.
Do I need to do this? Creating a virtual disk in Windows → Windows users see this fifth post for performance and sync issues.

OK, I’ve just realised I have two folders for this as I found out out about the change to Stargate a about a month ago and started shortly after trying to ‘migrate’ across. I was pretty busy at the time so didn’t complete it. When I came back to it I started all over again and d/l the latest from github and saved everything to another folder - slightly different name.
I have just been trying to consolidate them.
So I am running the daemon now from the original folder and have:
158864/158864 [0/0] P 0 TXp 0:0 NW 3.378 GH/s >MN 0
The 158864 came up right away when I ran the daemon. It is in red. I think it has loaded from a saved log file. It is not changing since it started …
I’ll leave it running overnight and see if I get any more ‘numbers’ (network height, TX pool).

Hello there. I suggest you to install the virtual box program, and install linux as a virtual computer.

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Thanks for the suggestion @snipeTR - I’ll look into it.
I am using this computer for other things so don’t want to disrupt that.

I have run the wallet in “remote” mode … and it seems to work fine. I have my wallet open with (in green) “numbers”/“numbers” - increasing and matched. (atm - 476461/476461)

I followed the directions to the letter from Step 15 - but when I got to the end instead of getting my DERO from swap address I got a message that I did not have the balance of 0.00001 that I had entered. So how much is 0.00001

Please DM your address for swap transfer fees.

I tried to DM but got this message:

Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user.

Also I read this: System Requirements: Recent 8 cores CPU, 8GB Ram, 100GB SSD/NVME,
I only have 4 cores with 4 threads.
Is this the problem?

paste your address here.

No. Pls download latest release and start mining with official miner.
Releases · deroproject/derohe · GitHub

paste your address here.


Thank you very much!! Daemon is syncing!
Probably gonna take a while (local height is so far from network height) … but it’s doing something!

Thanks for sticking with me and all your help!!

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Sent DERO for swap fees.

Hi again - I received the DERO for swap. Thanks. I’ve also got a little as I’m remote mining while the daemon is syncing. I have yet to receive the actual swap. Does the daemon have to be fully synced first?


yes wallet need to be fully synced.
Pls look DERO Node Setup.

Just a few minutes ago started mining locally. The daemon is running and fully synced and so is the wallet.
Also had an issue with time sync - hopefully have sorted that out now.

Though I changed the time pool server. I’m not getting any blocks or mini-blocks after 17h.
When I was remote mining with constant time sync messages I at least got a block and about 7 mini-blocks.
Got this in my daemon:
18/06 09:59:13 ERROR CORE Block rejected by chain
18/06 09:59:13 ERROR CORE.blid_4c75b3e5ca09e9cb64e2317de3b819ed653148204c884c9c0f394897953cf360 {“error”: “Rejecting Block, timestamp is too much into future, make sure that system clock is correct”}1

I searched online for directions to fix time sync problem in Windows 10. Obviously haven’t fixed it if still having blocks rejected.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Another rejected block error:

18/06 19:36:07 ERROR CORE Block rejected by chain {“BLID”: “5c41c3c4e13caf79e58b0d0c90e41d3e5bd500170b8430b189f0b1513e372f22”, “error”: “Invalid Timestamp in future”}

MAINNET 80 426ms|-426ms|-110ms>> (all this in red and changing)

don’t know how I’m going to get any blocks …