DERO wallet balance update


To update and refresh wallet balance try following steps:
Download latest from github.
1] Make sure Derod daemon(derod.exe) and wallet(dero-wallet-cli.exe) are up and fully synced by running status cmd both in daemon and wallet.

If still any issues Re-verify daemon block height on

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DERO blockchain sync problem
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Good afternoon, help, the wallet is not synchronized.



Download the latest daemon and wallet from and sync it.

Make backup of your seed first.

Edit: Pls let me know if any issues.


I have backup of your seed, but in a new purse it does not fit.


Pls see How to restore a Dero wallet from your seed


in the first purse there is no name and password, and in the second one there is no possibility to recover from my backup seed


dero-wallet-cli --restore-deterministic-wallet and enter filename,seed,password etc. when asked.


Hello florov,

I replied in another thread but if you still require assistance please send me a message


Good afternoon. I do not have a name to enter. What should I input?


You can name the file anything you wish when restoring a wallet :slight_smile: