Dero Wallet issue

hi there

just started mining dero

Ran the Derod and the Dero-wallet cli as administrator
started mining

went to check balance, hadnt synced correctly, resynced and then checked balance
first balance said Blocks recieved 300 but nothing reflecting in wallet
next one said blocks recieved , still nothing in wallet

Deleted the p2p.bin file and the imdb folder, and am currently resyncing the daemon through derod.

Are those block rewards lost?
am i syncing it correctly?
Do i have to manually sync the wallet, or does it do it automatically?

thanks for the help


Pls check DERO wallet balance update

hi thanks for the quick reply

i did those steps the first time and to no avail

i will try them again now after the new sync and will let you know


Hey, there

Are you sure that you’ve been paid from your pool?

If you’re solo mining(mining directly through your wallet) then you have to find a block on your own, only after which will you receive some dero.

Hi Sajo

sorry for late reply.

still struggling to get it in CLI.

However balances etc are showing on the pool

will have to try the GUI wallet maybe,

No problem :slight_smile:

If you need help, you can check this guide-

Or you can reply back and I’ll help

Good luck :wink: