Dero wallet never finished syncing

See above, Download and upgrade both latest Dero daemon and wallet. You are using very old Dero software-
First backup your seed in old wallet and then Recover wallet from your seed in latest Dero wallet.

I downloaded the latest daemon and restored the seed. But i get this message: dERoZGPh 4981/4981 0.00000000 | 0.00000000 >>> Connection to RPC server Failed err Post dial tcp connectex: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

what can i do to fix the connection?

Pls restart and let it sync fully first. Your block is at 4981 and current block is ~896092.
To fix your connection just restart it or check your anitvirus etc.

The dero wallet window stays open…but the other window now closes by itself when I try to restart the sync

Start wallet with remote node option :
dero-wallet --daemon-address=

i am frustrated…i have tried the metheds that you said…
how do i start the remote node option???
dero-wallet --daemon-address=

what replaces “dero-wallet”?
what is my daemon address?

how do i start remote node option???

Does support have an email address that i can respond to???

I also went to cmd and tried to start the sync, but it said another badger database was already running???

Pls see Create/Backup/Restore DERO Wallet in one minute

I have already restored seed

I restored seed and still it does not fully sync

Please help me with these problems

Paste screenshots here of your problems.

Why does the window close after I click on daemon?

I restored the seed using 25 words and it was syncing , then it stopped at 13046

Please help me with this problem

Open two command prompt and run derod daemon in first cmd prompt and dero-wallet in second cmd prompt. Paste screenshot of above both command prompts. Without screenshot not possible to debug the issue.

here is my screenshot…Why does the daemon close?

Use AMD64 for 64bit machines