Dero wallet syncing problem


hi friends
i have problem with my wallet
it takes more than a day to it normal?


Syncing depends on your CPU/SSD/Network Bandwidth etc. It takes normally from one hour to several hours to sync.
More than 24 hrs are rare and again depending on machines used.


thanks.and other question. i didnt know that i should sync first. i started mining and now i have about ten dero. after syncing would it be available in my wallet?


Yes, incoming transfers don’t need your wallet to be online or synced

You only need to sync to view and/or send :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks dude:sweat_smile:


still:neutral_face::neutral_face: syncing…


@Support i have core i7 labtop with 4GB of RAM after 2 days jaust 60000 synced and 20k remained:llll
Lenovo flex 2


Try to restart your computer, you could be connected to slow nodes, and please make sure sleep settings are turned off so it won’t stop when you step away


i try so.thanks