Easyhash.io problemas con alpha

good a doubt for several days on the easyhash.io mining page you can not see statistics and other … will have something to do with dero alpha ??

It should not have anything to do with the Dero alpha. Can you please write to the pool support and let me know if you still have issues?

if I wrote in the telegram group, and one of the administrators has answered this …Daniel administrador
Dero daemon is shit, and impossible to sync to the correct network.

Well, that’s a little excessive, however, it definitely sounds like they’re having some issues on their end.

They haven’t contacted anyone on our team for support. If it’s not too much trouble, and I apologize for asking, could you perhaps let them know that we’re available to help on all of our social platforms?

Clearly, yes, there is no problem, any specific social network?

I’m most active on Slack and Discord but they can also reach out on Bitcointalk, these forums, Reddit, or Twitter.

la direccion de discord ? srry …english…
the direction discord?

They have not updated their daemon after email/daemon warnings.
Running pool is more than running telegram.
Download latest from https://github.com/deroproject/download and sync db again .
For faster sync use http://seeds.dero.io/blockchain/derod_database.db.zip

See other pools list Dero mining pool list

ok it’s already … I hope that this mining group is fixed I like it a lot, I hope it’s fixed soon, thanks for the help