How to create Tokens on Dero

Hi, i am laizz , I became aware of Dero because of the possibility to create applications with smart contracts that are censorship resistant and private.
We are working on a communication app and want to generate a token to be distributed to our users.
We are considering whether to make our own ledger or whether to make a token on a smart contract platform on an existing ledger. ETH etc

What is in focus for us are the costs to generate a token and especially the transaction fees to distribute the tokens to our users and so that our users can send the tokens to each other.

Unfortunately I can’t find this most important information to develop applications on Dero. Where can I calculate exactly if it makes sense for us to make our token on Dero?

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Pls see how to create token on DERO in few mins.

Second, How to register your name to DERO wallet address.

Third, DERO has inbuilt capability to send 128 bytes of message/payload with every transaction in most secure manner. Only receiver wallet can decrypt/view the message.

Fourth, Read about DERO services model also.

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Ok, thank you very much for your response, i will check and come back if its viable for our porject…

Is it possible to talk to a developer who knows DERO and DVM ? Of course he does not have to do anything for free

You will find many, just post when you are ready.

Questions that I unfortunately could not answer from the material.

I assume that the tokens are also automatically privacy tokens when they are created with the DVM. How are the transaction fees calculated for token transfers. Do our users have to buy Dero as a kind of gas to be able to transfer the tokens to each others ? Are the transaction fees of the token transfers then paid in Dero, if so how can i calculate the cost of the fees during the distribution process?

Yes. Tokens are private and like native on DERO network. Once issued DERO tokens become independent of issuing Smart Contracts and work like cash after issued from bank.

yes DERO is required to pay fees. You can do trial transfers and calculate fees.
Fees is ~ 0.000121 depending on ringsize & priority etc.

Thank you very much for your response, so everybody who wants to transfer the token have to pay a fee in DERO … i mean that everybody needs DERO to be able to move the Token … correct ?

yes, They will require DERO to pay in transfer fees.

i.e. we have to force our customers to buy Dero, otherwise the tokens are useless.
This makes it difficult for us to develop on Dero. Imagine you have an app and you want to reward your users for using the app with tokens.
I.e. we have to make millions of transactions to distribute the tokens, but for that we need Dero. If it was only for the distribution, it would be acceptable, but if the customers also need Dero to transfer the tokens among each other, then it is useless. Dero is cool, but so is unfortunately not possible for our project. Is there a possibility to pay the TX fees for transactions between token holders with the token itself and not in Dero ??

Tell how/why Network will run if there are no miners/rewards.
If DERO is not used as payment for TX fees, People will launch infinite useless/scam tokens with no value. Now who will pay for storing/maintaining those token’s data in decentralized protocol on hundreds of servers.
You have to pay server’s cost or TX fees to store your data depending on your requirements.

Yes, that is understandable and we have to see how much it would cost. With Smartcontract it is always problematic to calculate, because if the coin rises in the fiat price, which always happens the more the platform is used, then the fees also become more expensive.
we have to calculate that.

Another question is, Dero advertises that the transactions are fully Homomorphic encrypted. This is of course great from a privacy point of view, but you have to keep in mind that homomorphically encrypted operations are about 2 000 000 times slower than unencrypted operations, i.e. if an operation takes 1 second, it takes several days if it is homomorphically encrypted. Are there not performance problems with growing transactions and usage ?

Both mainnet & testnet are running. Feel free to test and report. There are no such time delays as you mentioned.

Hello dear Dero Team,
I think your concept with the private smart contracts is great, it’s just a pity that you didn’t clone the EVM and we cant use Solidity, but have to use another language we don’t know.
What effort would it be to make a Solidity smart contract compatible for your DVM ? what effort can we expect ? are there instructions for this ?

There are no such plans.

what is the best instruction for your DERO VM to write a smart contract - can you send me a link for our DEV that he can check if he can do it ?
thank you

Writing Smart Contracts on DERO is very easy.
How to create Tokens on Dero

Also post your requirement here someone from DERO community may write Smart Contract for you.

thank you, we will study the documentation you gave me and will be back to you soon.

I have a question :
what about a wallet ? on EVM compatible platforms you can work with Metamask as a wallet and interact with all smart contracts on the Network.
How would that look with DERO ??
is there something like Metamask which works with the Stargate network. How can users interact with a smart contract on Dero ?

Yes something similar is in development.