How to swap Atlantis to Stargate with web wallet?

No. Pls download latest release and start mining with official miner.
Releases · deroproject/derohe · GitHub

paste your address here.


Thank you very much!! Daemon is syncing!
Probably gonna take a while (local height is so far from network height) … but it’s doing something!

Thanks for sticking with me and all your help!!

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Sent DERO for swap fees.

Hi again - I received the DERO for swap. Thanks. I’ve also got a little as I’m remote mining while the daemon is syncing. I have yet to receive the actual swap. Does the daemon have to be fully synced first?


yes wallet need to be fully synced.
Pls look DERO Node Setup.

Just a few minutes ago started mining locally. The daemon is running and fully synced and so is the wallet.
Also had an issue with time sync - hopefully have sorted that out now.

Though I changed the time pool server. I’m not getting any blocks or mini-blocks after 17h.
When I was remote mining with constant time sync messages I at least got a block and about 7 mini-blocks.
Got this in my daemon:
18/06 09:59:13 ERROR CORE Block rejected by chain
18/06 09:59:13 ERROR CORE.blid_4c75b3e5ca09e9cb64e2317de3b819ed653148204c884c9c0f394897953cf360 {“error”: “Rejecting Block, timestamp is too much into future, make sure that system clock is correct”}1

I searched online for directions to fix time sync problem in Windows 10. Obviously haven’t fixed it if still having blocks rejected.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Another rejected block error:

18/06 19:36:07 ERROR CORE Block rejected by chain {“BLID”: “5c41c3c4e13caf79e58b0d0c90e41d3e5bd500170b8430b189f0b1513e372f22”, “error”: “Invalid Timestamp in future”}

MAINNET 80 426ms|-426ms|-110ms>> (all this in red and changing)

don’t know how I’m going to get any blocks …

Try first mining on remote node for few days to test all good:
./dero-miner-linux-amd64 --mining-threads 22 --wallet-address YourDeroWalletAddress --daemon-rpc-address

I have had computer problems and have just managed to get it going again.
Wallet is fully synced:
dero1qy8 606506/606506 0.67773 >>>

Yet my balance does not include my swap from the Atlantis wallet.
I am running the miner in remote node (as suggested).
The “Height” is the same as in the wallet.
Can you help me find my Atlantis wallet balance?

One more thing > when I try to run the “derod-windows-amd64 --integrator-address” command with my address I get a really long error which starts with:
“Transaction version not equal to 1 \n”, “stack”: "goroutine 71 …
I close it as I figure it is not working …

what is your Atlantis TXID for swap.

Transfer Confirmation
TXID: 522fdfbc852798d9cfdf77e9459f08579c331869281210888eb82b7e6d3d1026:3.0655
Input Amount: 3.088000000000

Please check now and update.

Thank you! Wallet balance now includes swap amount as per TXID.

But I am having trouble running the miner … since I clean installed Windows 10.

Pls check Mining DERO — DERO Documentation documentation.

Is there any chance of Dero team doing right by those who invested in the project and were not able to transfer their coins over in time? I have been a holder for years and come to find out two months ago I missed the deadline by weeks. If the team wants to remain in honor they will do right by the people who invested in the project already. Simply saying too bad you missed it. We warned you. This is not sufficient as I was never warned. Please make it right by those who backed the project.


same here. lots of Dero loses at Atlantis chain!

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I didn’t see the swap on Twitter and just been following Dero on Dollar Vigilante, assuming I was an early owner as well. Missing the twitter announcement last March, I now have 0 and had full faith in the project. Can you please make the Atlantis wallet work to make the swap? I owned a lot… Can you please assist us to migrate our Atlantis coins to Stargate? Be kind to users who did not swap yet. The past year was incredibly difficult, I wasn’t looking for announcements or mentions of a hard fork that closes you completely.

My address is: dero1qy2a5ly9memwurfdp53epj98wfqfmuegel7nlqr7pkkf90kcpgj3jqgw2sasm