Local mining or remote mining ? What is integrator?


I try to follow the tutorials on mining but its quite confusing.

-Why I should choose local mining or remote mining ? Which one is the best for me ? I have a good internet connection and I9 processor.

-What is integrator adress on the mining command ? Should I put my wallet adress on it or let the tutorial adress ? I found this in the “remote node rewards” :

Should I put my wallet adress here ?

I am not sure to have understand the whole process, here is how I understand it :

But as I don’t want to lose time I want to know if its the right way. I think I misunderstand the whole stuff : I create a node, and I remote mining my own node. But should I do that ?

So maybe I should do :

I think I don’t understand, maybe you can run a node to get money just from it but ALSO mine, meaning double rewards ?

Please can you help me because I think there is a big misunderstanding here.

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When I try mining my own node it doesn’t work


I still don’t understand how to mine, even reading all the tutorials because its confusing.

What is the integrator address ? When I want to run my own node, should I put my wallet address in the integrator address ?

Also why I have lot of error when trying to mine ?

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In DERO you run your node to save ~10% fees. If you use other node to mine you share 10% rewards to that node.
Integrator address is the node wallet-address. Run your own node and set integrator address to your wallet address. Check --help.

Hello thanks you but you didn’t answered my problem

I have the message errors I shown above when I mine.

When I try to connect to my RPC adress from my own node it says ADDRESS IS NOT REGISTERED, while the address is registered

And also, It give me lot of errors messages :

also the --help command doesnt work on the miner, the wallet, and the node…

No idea what you are doing but --help works very good this side:

./dero-miner-linux-amd64  --help
DERO CPU Miner for AstroBWT.

  dero-miner  --wallet-address=<wallet_address> [--daemon-rpc-address=<minernode1.dero.live:10100>] [--mining-threads=<threads>] [--testnet] [--debug]
  dero-miner --bench 
  dero-miner -h | --help
  dero-miner --version

  -h --help     Show this screen.
  --version     Show version.
  --bench           Run benchmark mode.
  --daemon-rpc-address=<>    Miner will connect to daemon RPC on this port (default minernode1.dero.live:10100).
  --wallet-address=<wallet_address>    This address is rewarded when a block is mined sucessfully.
  --mining-threads=<threads>         Number of CPU threads for mining [default: 24]

Example Mainnet: ./dero-miner-linux-amd64 --wallet-address dero1qy0ehnqjpr0wxqnknyc66du2fsxyktppkr8m8e6jvplp954klfjz2qqhmy4zf --daemon-rpc-address=minernode1.dero.live:10100
Example Testnet: ./dero-miner-linux-amd64 --wallet-address deto1qy0ehnqjpr0wxqnknyc66du2fsxyktppkr8m8e6jvplp954klfjz2qqdzcd8p --daemon-rpc-address= 
If daemon running on local machine no requirement of '--daemon-rpc-address' argument.```


Thanks you for answer.

I found why it didn’t work, its because my Daemon was not updated. I made the Daemon run for like 3 days to get it updated, and then I could mine my own node.

But I still didn’t get the answer about “integrator” address, why its so blur ? Why nobody can tell me what is integrator address ? I used my wallet address as integrator address, don’t know if it was the good thing to do.

Whatever, I mined for few days, and I got nothing. I guess you need big hashrate or use XMRIG and pool stuff. It looks like solo mining with a I9 CPU doesn’t work at all, 0 DERO rewarded. I think I was naive to think I could get money with mining on crypto in 2022, I mean solo mining with a normal CPU… So I stopped and moved on.

Best regards

“integrator” address takes ~10% block reward just like pools. So it is recommended to run and mine on your own node.
Search the forum or docs.dero.io.
DERO Stargate Mining Calculations