Low earnings when mining dero

Something is wrong with the dero network …
I have a 3.5MH/s mining farm and my own node based on VPS with public IP - according to the dero specification. With a blockchain of around 155,000, mining is 20-30 mini-blocks at HN around 5 GH/s, now (blockchain around 228,000, HN 7 GH / s) only 4-6 mini-blocks a day. It takes about 10 days.

Yesterday only 3 mini-blocks …

I will stay today … But tomorrow, with such a small profit, I switch miners to a different coins …

And on top of that, on one of the miners, I found this:

1 block and 2 mini blocks mined but probably not sent to daemon.

Another wasted mini-block. Not sent to the demon…

To the experts: what does the switched HN mean in the miner? (50-55 GH/s vs 5-6 GH/s)
In the picture above

Join the club. I moved my rigs onto Monero the other day after a week of not being paid for all the blocks found which eventually resulted in finding nothing at all for 48hrs.

The network is either broken on the latest core / miner releases or has been taken over by a huge farm or two rendering mining a waste of time and money for everybody else. The farms are even gobbling up the blocks that others are still managing to find so in effect they are stealing rewards from smaller miners. It’s a mess.

The devs need to fix this if they want the project to survive as centralized mining is no good for anybody in the long run.

Exactly. I was also mining in MO recently - the auto algorithm is a great thing. The dero was the most profitable there so I tried to mine the dero directly. At the beginning it was ok. Now it has broken down.
You will have to wait for the developers to fix the bugs and the digging will be profitable for everyone.

Yes the only problem is that so far support doesn’t seem to ackowledge that there is a problem with the mining. I guess we’ll just have to wait and hope they eventually do.

Several people like @mmarcel are analyzing mining in details in discord.
Let them analyze and report.

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Has the situation improved for anybody yet or is it still a case of people finding next to nothing?

Without the new version of the demon and miner, nothing will change … I tried 48 hours (April 26 and 27) with a mining power of 2.5MH / s and got two mini blocks …

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I tried it the other day for 24hrs (with release 74 the miner), found nothing at all - not even a rejected mini block.

I guess mining is completely dusted on DERO now then. What a shame.

I don’t mine here anymore.
I will wait for MO, C3 or other pools to include DERO in their multi algorithms.