New Stargate home page Screen Shot ... Can this be activated?

Dero shot 2
Hello Support,
Have hopefully uploaded 2 screen shots of the Dero wallet I have (with obviously no dero coins as they are stuck in Atlantis Wallet ). Have cut off wallet address in 1st shot and shown just 1st 7 letters in second shot which shows that it is a Stargate Wallet. (dero and not dERo)
Now can this be activated, synced, or what ever to make it a bona fida wallet with out going down the path of downloading a CLI Dero wallet and it so, what is the detailed procedure on how to do it.
If it is the “Real McCoy” Stargate wallet and just needs to be synced and my dero coins will show up, will it have the same SEED WORDS (recovery words) as the Atlantis wallet because it does have the same password as I can sign into the wallet just as I did normally with the Atlantis Wallet.
Thanks in advance for clarification on above.

Pls see:
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